Multimatic Group COVID-19 Response

Multimatic is continually monitoring developments of the COVID-19 pandemic and is firmly focused on the health and well-being of our employees, visitors and communities, while minimising any undue impact to our customers.

Production and workforce adjustments to our operations continue to be assessed and made on an ongoing, individual basis, and non-essential access to our facilities has been eliminated in an effort to limit spread of the virus.

Only business-critical visitors are permitted in our facilities and, for the protection of all concerned, Multimatic reserves the right to deny their entry if deemed necessary. Non-business-critical visitors should use available communications technology (teleconferences, video conferences, etc.) in lieu of facility visits.

Those needing additional business information, please refer to our contacts.

Our top priority is keeping our employees, communities and customers safe while doing whatever is reasonable to support our customers. So far, the entire team in every division, group, office and country, has done an excellent job in doing just that.

These are extraordinary times but Multimatic is an extraordinary company. We will meet this challenge as we have all others in the past and we will be a better company for it.

Raj Nair
President and COO