Quality Policy

Multimatic CFT is driven to exceed customer quality, technology, cost, delivery and service expectations, and is committed to:

  • Providing education and training for all employees to support their job requirements, skills development and, as a top priority, health, welfare and safety.
  • Providing exceptional quality products and services which consistently meet or exceed all customer requirements and expectations.
  • Maintaining a formal quality system meeting all ISO 9001 specifications and requirements.
  • Fostering an atmosphere of continual process improvement and problem prevention.
  • Supporting the development, implementation and improvement of the effectiveness of our Quality Management Systems.
  • Developing quality objectives that are quantitative and periodically reviewed for continuing suitability.
  • Communicating our mission and quality objectives to all employees so that they fully participate in attaining those objectives.
  • Empowering employees so that they actively contribute to improving the systems that affect their work and the quality of the products and services that we supply.
  • Providing an environment that supports teamwork and allows each team member to achieve personal growth and positive job satisfaction.
  • Ensuring that our suppliers are an integral part of our simultaneous engineering activities and essential partners in our ultimate product solutions, quality, service support and customer satisfaction.
  • Being recognised by our employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners for excellence and integrity in the conduct of our business.