Working towards the cure.

Once optimal material specifications, ply orientations and overlaps are determined, CNC ply cutting and hand lay-up occur in our positive-pressure, climate controlled clean room. Final cure then takes place in one of our six autoclaves.

cutting room

Our two 6.1m x 1.5m CNC cutting tables efficiently produce accurate ply profiles for components large or small.

An extensive range of autoclaves:


Our clean room autoclave is used for pressure de-bulks during laminate buildup — particularly important for complex moulds and to optimise surface finish.


Outside the clean room are five additional 90psi autoclaves, varying in internal capacity from 2.0m x 1.2m to 6.1m x 2.5m, with cure temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius.


All Multimatic CFT autoclaves incorporate data recording to track key operating parameters. Cure data is serialised and permanently stored for traceability.

Laminating components at MCFT can be both challenging and highly rewarding. A diverse range of customers means there is always a variety of parts to be made that keeps me motivated.
MCFT employee 10+ years

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